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Please send prayers to the pets in my neighborhood

I live under 1/3 mile away from where this happened Saturday night. Tiggi was beside herself when the blast occurred, even Stinky, who normally isn't phased by sounds, was just as scared. Everyone in this neighborhood had to evacuate quickly and some had to leave their pets behind. Now they were let back into the neighborhood for a short time under police escort yesterday to retrieve items but their cats are so scared they are hiding under crawlspaces, etc., and the homes are going to be bulldozed as they are no longer habitable and their owners are no longer allowed to look for them. Our county dog pound was out there trying to round up pets but there are many they couldn't catch. No one is allowed in, if you are caught inside this subdivision you are arrested. I feel so helpless. One cat hiding is a Maine Coon {#emotions_dlg.crying} The weather is horrible here today, sleet and freezing rain, and these pets aren't used to being outdoors.

(edited, don't know why I can't post a link, I could last week). This neighborhood is across the street and a little diagonal to where I live, but when this first happened Saturday night a little after 11 PM, they thought a 2-mile radius would have to be evacuated).