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Please pray for Lenny and her pregnancy which is nothing any of the doctors have seen before

I've been asked from someone at a neighboring church to send on this request for prayers for Lenny, a woman her daughter Claire knows.

Here is the entire message.

Thank you so much for praying for Lenny, her husband, and their yet to be born baby.

I will keep an eye on this thread so that I can e-mail the woman who mailed out this request -- and tell her how many folks across the country are praying for them.



My daughter Claire just called me about a Filipino Catholic woman Claire cared for today at Saint Vincent's Hospital. The woman's name is Lenny. Her husband converted to Catholicism in the last year.

Lenny had a baby less than a year ago by C-section and became pregnant again right away. The pregnancy was not healthy. The placenta grew abnormally outside of the womb through the C-section incision. It is growing into her other vital organs, her bladder, bowel and other places so that all the organ's blood vessels are tangled up with the placenta. Doctors told her she had to have an abortion or she would die. She refused. They did an MRI at 22 weeks and cared for her as best they could. Now she is bleeding.

They will do another MRI on Friday and operate to do some surgery Monday to try and save her life and deliver the baby which is mature enough to live if they can get the baby out without harm.

Claire has been delivering babies for about 14 years and has never seen anything remotely like this, or any surgery ever so complicated. None of the physicians have either.

The best medical team in Portland will be there Monday. There will be a specialist for every organ involved in the operating room to try to help untangle the blood vessels. Claire said Lenny could bleed out in six minutes if they make a mistake.

Lenny has been in the hospital for three months. Today the two women shared their faith and prayed. Lenny was crying and said she just wants to live to care for her babies.

Her husband is terrified.

Please keep this courageous faithful woman and her family in your prayers. She said she would like to be on prayer lists, so please also forward this message.