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Re: Planes?, trains?, buses?, and boats?

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I have done them all! I have also been on a cruise ship, tramway (high in the sky) , ferry boat, seaplane, skydived, Las Vegas monorail, and parasailed (attached to a boat). I can't forget the wild ride (in a taxi) in TJ! I have never road in a Greyhound bus, only a school bus and a double decker tourist bus.

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Re: Planes?, trains?, buses?, and boats?

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I've traveled by all the above.  I'm not fond of any but a planes gets you there fastest.


People rave about the Euro rail system.  It's efficient in that it keeps to schedule but the times we've traveled on it, it's been less than pleasant.  In the summer it's hot and in the winter it's cold.  We've always had filthy, overflowing toilets.

We had similar experiences with trains in Europe. Simply disgusting.

Lol you must have been riding in Italy in the height of the summer travel season!  I've never had those experiences, but I have been on crowded trains.   Overall, I loved riding the trains.   I flew on American Airlines once from Miami to Rio, and the toilet from one of the restrooms leaked all the way down the center aisle.   Talk about disgusting...

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