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Thanks, ChynnaBlue!!  I have another question for you!  How do you post questions and answers on the same post with a left-hand side line denoting the question and the answer right below it?  I'm still trying to figure out how to use this board.  Thanks!!

Are you talking about quoting?  If so, just click the Reply button next to the reply (post) you want to answer.  Then click on the word QUOTE  that apperars above the box on the right hand side and it will paste the post into the box (with the pale line along the left hand side.)  Then you just type underneath.  (PS You're doing great!)


To your original question, I enjoy Pinterest.  I find so many beautiful pictures of places I'd love to visit, Art, Books to read, and of course food!  Plus it bears mentioning that of all the websites using the one long page, infinitely scrolling format, Pinterest is the one in which it actually works well!


Thanks, Shariz!!  I did it!!  This will make things so much easier when trying to have a conversation!!!