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Maybe I missed this, but I'm still getting emails from Pier One. Are they online? Is it the same Pier One we knew or is it basically a new company? TIA! Smiley Happy

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I was wondering the same thing. I went to the website a few weeks ago to look for a particular item. Which lead to me browsing, but some of the products looked like typical/usual Pier 1 merchandise. Then I noticed some other items that looked like a lesser quality. 

I'm not a Pier 1 aficionado, but I wondered if they were phasing into a lower end version of what they were. Of course, it's sometimes difficult to tell based on a picture, as well. 

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I shopped Pier1 for many many year, I have lots of beautiful things from there. Glad I got them when I did. This new Pier1 is nothing like the original. 

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Re: Pier One - Online?

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Sadly, I visited the site last month, and was very underwhelmed. I really wanted to patronize them, because I have loved shopping there for years. Everything I have ever purchased, was of excellent quality!


I read that It is under new ownership, so perhaps new manufacturers are being contracted as well.😐



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No longer open those emails because everything I clicked on was sold out.