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I don't know her from Adam, but just googled her. 


If the dancers are telling the truth, she's a sicko. 


If they're lying, she should file a defamation suit. 


But either way it's a big mess. 


I guess if there's video from oversees of what she wanted them to do (and they did), I'd walk too.  I wouldn't care to see anyone with that sick of a mind!


I wonder what Jay Z thinks of all this?

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@PhilaLady1   The Wawa July 4th programs were uneventful this year except for rain. That was just five weeks ago. Or am I forgetting something?

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Re: 😲 Philly folks 😲

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You are correct. I forgot about the wawa event.  Well, there goes my theory hehehe.





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All these rumors and suppositions!


Philly can handle ANY kind of crowd--the Pope, political conventions, World Series, Super Bowl, etc.  


Our Mayor tried to move this music festival to a different part of the city, but the attendees loved the central location, and begged for it to stay.  Many people who live in this area do not really like it (noise, trash, etc.).


I, for one, cannot attend a multiple hours concert that lacks seating or protection from the weather, so I have never had any inclination to buy a ticket.


But young people LOVE this kind of event, and they will certainly spend the money, and go, and socialize. 


I am sure if the headliner were a different person, the concert would NOT be cancelled. Better luck next year!

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@PhilaLady1  -   Law enforcement can handle it....I saw what the city was like after Eagles won the Superbowl 

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We will never know the truth...but the Lizzo incident is highly suspect.  This cancellation will create a lot of buzz.

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I would never pay a cent to see Lizzo perform.  Sorry for the event cancellation, though.

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You're lucky to still be able to have events like this. Georgia can't do it anymore at all due to security issues with the recent passage of certain laws. At least everyone will get their money back. 

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In today's economy .. maybe most people just can't afford this stuff ....

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🤷  What's a Lizzo?