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I have seen the nicest posters get slammed. I had the two sisters go non stop after me. It used to bother me but not any more. Now I post and rarely go back. I had one poster I could not stand and now enjoy her. I know when I slip in a political it probably will get reported. I see the mods all try hard to be fair but sometimes it appears they are not fair. At the end of the day this is a nice place to visit and when it gets unpleasant I sign out.

Wrong is still wrong just because you benefited from it.
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"QUESTION- are posts REALLY removed if other posters complain?" @violann


My opinion is that no, moderators don't remove posts unless they have a legitimate reason. I think they see when a post has been reported as inappropriate and determine whether, or not, it is. If so, they remove it. 


I've also seen it said that when you post by clicking on the reply button of a post that gets deleted, your post will be deleted along with it, which is why seemingly innocent posts get removed. 


What I don't believe is that a moderators sees that a post has been reported and simply remove it for no reason other than it was reported. I also don't think we would be able to tell who has reported our posts in the case that they are removed. There's a lot of people reading here, some that may never write a word. Anyone could be responsible for the post being reported.


It's pretty simple really, follow the rules and there will be no reason for mods to give your post the boot. And to ensure not being removed by association, use the reply button at the top of the thread.

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@Moonchilde wrote:

@violann wrote:

A couple questions, a couple thoughts.-


One of the things I like most about hearts, ♥️ is that even when you "tangle" with someone, you may find yourself "in sync" with that same person a couple discussions later and freely ♥️ them.


QUESTION- are posts REALLY removed if other posters complain? If that's the case, it sounds like a power trip to me.


There are times when I'd LOVE to get into a good fierce tangle about politics or religion or other topics deemed controversial BUT- this forum just isn't the place to do that. Their board, their rules. no point in stressing over that.


I prefer he debate when it stays objective but I acknowledge that some posters don't understand that concept, and it seems to follow that the pile-ons seem to occur often when those gals are around. Thinking and speaking using objectivity is a discipline that some posters simply don't have. That's life.


In my opinion only, I enjoy being here, from corned beef recipes to birdfeeders to decorating kitchens. I like a lot of the posters hers, and don't lose sleep over the few I don't.


Peace, Everyone!



@violann, I did not always believe it, but I have come to believe that some moderators do delete posts that some posters report about certain posters, if that make sense.

I never saw serious inequality until about 4 months ago; now I certainly see posts deleted (not mine) that did not violate the Community Standards in any way, and I see very deliberately rude and unkind posts, which by their very contents must have been reported (and I don't necessarily mean by me - sometimes in threads I'm only reading), that are not removed.


My posts have not changed in content - have in fact gotten milder keeping CS in mind - and more of my posts have been deleted now than when I might have been "pushing it." It happens when certain posters are on the forums at the same time I am, , and/or when I may have had a different opinion in a thread, I'll be "followed" as the OP stated and either ptui tossed my way or several posts of mine deleted by a poster who's just pithed off at me, because they can. It's not unusual, I assume it happens to quite a few posters.


I really do NOT do this, though I'm sure posters believe I do. I might really dislike what someone said or the way they behaved in a thread, but I take each thread individually based on what posters say in that thread. I can't say I "never" do this, but I try hard not to. I heart posters who think I "don't like" them, or who don't like me. And yes, most of us will have a handful of posters they will just never like. But I don't "follow" them and I don't go out of my way to harass them, even if they believe I do.



Good post @Moonchilde.

I get what you're saying and agree w you.


@ILTH........ hope you decide to keep posting.


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I hope you stay on the boards.  I don't have a tremendous amount of posts,

but I have had a few very weird responses to posts that seemed pretty


  I didn't respond most of the time because I found myself

just thinking the person was either dense and didn't understand what I was

saying or baiting.  Ultimately, I just thought-wow, these are people I definitely

wouldn't want to know.

I have enjoyed many posters, even many with different viewpoints than my own.

It just reinforced how different we all are.

I have enjoyed several of your posts. 

I am gradually "getting to know" several

posters.  The few I dislike, I don't even read what they have to say.

Hang in there.


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I appreciate all you have contributed here. 

I hope @ILTH stays on the boards.

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All in all I think the moderators do a pretty good job enforcing the rules.  Every now and then I detect a bias.....but most of them seem to be pretty fair. I imagine there is a learning curve just like any job would have. 

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Some people just never were able to accomplish their social skills...maybe these people were badly treated themselves and deeply wounded.If you watch the news and  see what goes on in some children's lives,you have to feel compassion for the pain that some children experience daily in their own home.

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@tansy wrote:

@chrystaltree wrote:

@NativeJax wrote:

How do you know someone is reporting you? were you notified by QVC? Well, if that is happening on here it wouldn't surprise me at all. 


       That's what I wondered and how can someone report somone's tag line?  I also wondered why people get drawn into unpleasantness and fiights and feuds with other posters.  That can't happen...ever...if when someone posts something you don't like, you just ignore it.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm missing something.

Just recently two posters have said they will lurk and report anything they see as being political.  Hall monitors.


A signature would be reported the same as a any post or someone emails the social team.


       Okay but so what?  Why would anyone care if someone "reports" them?  The monitors are the ones who take action, if any is require.  Do they even tell posters that they've been "reported"?  Do you get an email saying that "mizbusybody200 has reported your tag line"?  I do understant that someone people like the back and forth sniping at each other until it gets out of hand.  Which is I why when a post "irks" me, I shrug it off and move on.  Like my mom said when we were kids  "takes two to tango, kiddo".

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I'm still surprised people go through the written process of reporting people.

If that was my biggest worry in life, that'd be great.

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I have never reported anyone for anything because it's just not important to me to do so. I have no interest in being a board monitor.  Some here do, some have even said they report  posts.  I've had posts removed and they were very mild compared to some posts that remain, so I do think that there is an uneven treatment, but, hey, that's life.  It's not fair, here or anywhere else.


I do find it kind of humorous that posters who have said that they report posts come here and act all innocent when the subject comes up.  I guess they figure that their reporting is good, but others' is bad.


That's how it goes.