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@froggy wrote:

I don't like anyone dropping by without an invitation (or phone call).

I agree.

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@SharkE wrote:

I'm on a roll here.............


UPS, FEDX, not ringing doorbell to let you know you have a package sitting out there for the world to see.  I got my tomato plants yesterday and if I hadn't checked 'informed delivery' to give you some idea when they would be coming they would sit out there for couple of days.


I called up local office and said "why don't drivers ring the doorbell it's not hard and it's free"? they said "we thought they always do". I said not my house. We don't use front door that much to stumble over the stuff . 

My porch is a porch pirates dream. LOL

This relates to one of my pet peeves... We have a bench right outside our front door. But many of the delivery people (UPS Fedex and Amazon) will leave the packages on the porch floor. Some packages are very heavy. Seems like it would be easier for the driver(and us!) to set down or pick up the package from a bench rather than the ground.

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People jumping the queue in front of you are reaching across in front of you to get the last item on the shelf that you were getting ready to get since you was first.




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I have a few pet a few minutes?

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Drivers who don't use their turn signals!

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I have too many to mention; plus, I think it's better for my well-being not to dwell on them. :-)

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Two silly things but are like nails on a chalkboard for me.  Putting an S on the end of Nordstrom and even worse adding AT to the end of a sentence when it isn't needed.  Otherwise I'm pretty chill.

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Yes, I have some.


Top Two


Poor quality.


Bad customer service.  




Dropping in unexpectedly...inviting themselves when they weren't invited. 


Receiving advice when they weren't asked. 


Not accepting "no" for an answer.


Doing something that clearly involves me when asked not to do it.  


Wanting to talk on the phone for hours assuming I have nothing to do all day.  


Nosy neighbors. 


Pushy personalities.


Putting words in my mouth that I didn't say. 


Not following instructions even though I ask them to take notes.  


Landscapers not getting the edging straight.  Wow,  that bothers me.  I can do it, why can't they?




















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@Mersha wrote:

There are pet peeves that are so blatant that most would agree  they are highly offensive.


Sometimes we have a peeve that would not bother some but, to us, it is a big deal.


I have a few but one that I really dislike is when someone comes into my home and places a handbag on my kitchen or dining table.  I can imagine how many yucky places it has been, including floors.  It is probably not a big deal for many, but not me.


@Mersha Where do you put your purse?


How about yours?



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Adding "out' to words,like change it out!

Maybe it's much to early in the game ,ah but I thought I'd ask you just the same