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@San Antonio Gal  ITA with you on that.  Another I will add are those who call VERY early in the morning for something not important.  I had relatives who did this.  They made a point of letting all of us know they were up with the birds and seemed to brag about it,  like the rest of us were lazy and think it was their way of getting us up like they thought we should be just because they were.   So rude!

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Why not use the online tracking number?  It's great and it says exact time when it was delivered. Smiley Happy

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@KKJ  I had a former SIL that would call at 10 or 11 am and ask, "did I wake you up?"  She knew I didn't sleep half the day away she was just being snarky.

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One of my pet peeve is customers parking their carts in the isle so you can't pass. I usually wait until they see me. The last person who did this, said why didn't you say something? I responded by saying, I didn't want to spoil your fun and I smiled under neath my mask as I walked away.