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Re: Performing Surgery While Attending Court

In a statement to CNN, the Medical Board of California said it is investigating the incident.
"The Medical Board of California expects physicians to follow the standard of care when treating their patients," the Board said in a statement. "The Board is aware of this incident and will be looking into it, as it does with all complaints it receives."
CNN reached out to Green for comment but did not hear back. His next hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, Link said.
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Re: Performing Surgery While Attending Court

hopefully he will have his license taken away.

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Re: Performing Surgery While Attending Court

I saw this on the  news.  I know they have video links in OR suites & they routinely link up with others to get information or work with a medical equipment person, etc.  Any number of reasons they may need to link up with someone else outside the OR.  But not this for goodness sakes.


I think the doc did it to send a message & impress the judge that he was someone important that had patients relying on him.  Maybe he was counting on that to help his case.  Guess it backfired on him this time.  


Off hand, I can't think of any emergency in regard to plastic surgery that he could not have rescheduled the case around his court appointment or at the very least since there was another surgeon there, he could have elected to break scrub and go in his office for the video appointment.



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Re: Performing Surgery While Attending Court

@Mindy D wrote:

I don't understand why the doctor just couldn't ask if he can be called back. I briefly skimmed an article about this. I'll have to reread. Maybe surgery had not started yet. 



OK, I checked. The plastic surgeon went ahead because although he was in the operating room and there was a surgery in process the doctor was not operatng at the time. A second doctor was leading the operation at the time of the call. The doctor explained this to the Superior Court Commisioner, Gary Link. Link had asked about a postponement and stated that he was uncomfortable with a doctor attending zoom court while in mid surgery. That's when the doctor explained that he was not operating. The judge said that would not be "appropriate" and postponed the trial.





I saw the video on the news.  The doctor was talking and waving his bloody gloved hands.  It certainly appeared like that he was working on a patient.


The judge made the right call to postpone the trial.  That doctor is nuts.  What kind a person thinks he could get away with something so stupid?


He should get hit with a HIPAA violation as well as a lawsuit.





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Re: Performing Surgery While Attending Court

I think this doctor definitely needs to face consequences over this but I'm not sure I would say this is malpractice?  I'm not sure how the patient suffered any type of injury or damage from this. But I'd think this is definitely a new one.  Holy moly.   

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Re: Performing Surgery While Attending Court

What an arrogant twerp! This stunt likely put his patient in danger. I don'tknow about his driver's license but his medical license should be in jeopardy.

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Re: Performing Surgery While Attending Court

@Vivian I love it!  "Twerp."  LOL.

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