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@SilleeMee wrote:

I'm not proud to say this, but I was a drug addict many years ago and almost died from it. I have seen drug use all the way from the top professionals to those people living under the bridge. No one is immune to any of it. I'm just thankful for the people in my life who save my butt from going six feet under. 

@SilleeMee You are right, no one is immune. Drug abuse doesn't just happen to the people "under the bridge". There are doctors actually performing surgery under the influence, many a lawyer driving drunk after work and the average person addicted to the pain meds they're prescribed.

I know a guy that I grew up with who is now a medical marijuana "dealer". He was telling my brother that the marijuana now can have 34% thc...the chemical in the plant that gets you high...that's "mess with your brain" percentages.

But I also have a good friend whose daughter has severe epilepsy and the drugs for it are horrendous side effect wise. Marijuana helps her much more than the pharma drugs, and the thc is removed for this tincture.


I'm also glad you got the help you needed as I've enjoyed your posts. I'd be sad if you weren't here. 

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At my job, we get randomly drug tested.



We never know when the company that does the testing is going to show up, and when they do show up, whose namew will be on the list to be tested.



The last time that they were here, my name was on the list.



To test for alcohol, they had us blow in to a breathalyzer, just like the cops use when they pull someone over who is suspected of being under the influence.



If you blow anything more thatn a 0.00, you are instantly fired.



They also have us pee in a cup.



No, they don't watch us while we do that, but they have us empty our pockets, and turn them inside out, and are in the restroom with us.





The reason why medical marijuana isn't in pharmacies, is because the federal government still sees it as illegal.



Marijuana is classified under "Schedule I" of controlled substances, meaning it has a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical use. It's lumped in with drugs like heroin, LSD and ecstasy. Americans for Safe Access want to see it reclassified to a less restrictive schedule.



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@CalminHeart wrote:

My employer find about 10% can't pass the drug test.  That's pretty good considering.  


I think it depends on the field or the industry that is doing the hiring.


For the most part, around here, manufacturing jobs are not easy to fill when a drug test is required. Pay is lower in these jobs, and little education or training required. The positions seem to draw the people from the portion of society where drug use is acceptable and normal.


More advanced positions in this area, less problem with finding people who can pass the tests.

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@CrazyDaisy wrote:

About right, and will only get more complicated as States start passing laws for recreactional use of marijuana.

She said that ,there is no test that shows if a person smoked a few days ago,or that morning.

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People are ruining their lives,and others lives  ,these were good paying jobs, but she can not risk  someone high  on heavy equipment.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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Hate me if you will, but I do believe that one drug can lead to stronger drugs.  If one thing makes you feel better, they try something stronger to make them feel even better.  About a month ago we had 10 OD's in my city in a 24 hour period.  Our hospitals and ambulances are busy dealing with this every day, taking up precious time for people who are really in need and pay their taxes.  I live in a rural area and we finally got rid of our meth man.  He moved into his father's house when his father died.  All of the neighbors finally got tired of it and told him so and drove him out of our neighborhood - the front of his house was full of junk cars that they tore down for money for more meth.  I don't know who the fool was that both this meth house, but they seem to be fixing it up.  Just glad to see him and all of his "friends" gone.  Our country is in a sad state. 

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My husband says similar.  He hires kitchen staff for a nursing home.

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Thank you @Quse.Woman Happy I'm glad I'm here to say so.

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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

I think that some people are more forgiving of the alcohol abuser because they themselves drink, while they wouldn't think of using weed. 

@QVCkitty1   Maybe, but alcohol is more harmful in general than weed is.  People either don't know that or don't want to think it's true, but it is.



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@hoosieroriginal wrote:

Hate me if you will, but I do believe that one drug can lead to stronger drugs.  If one thing makes you feel better, they try something stronger to make them feel even better.

@hoosieroriginal  That would make alcohol a "gateway drug."  It would also mean that a shopping addiction or a food addiction could lead to more harmful addictions.


It is true that addicts may go in search of bigger highs, but it is not true that everyone who has an addiction will go on to something worse.  Many, many people have addictions of one sort or other.  My thought is that there are reasons why some people are addicted to hard drugs while others are addicted to sweets or surfing the internet all day.

"Heartburn Can Cause Cancer" --