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A factory owner was on cnn, she said 4 out of ten people she trys to hire ,test positive for drugs.

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About right, and will only get more complicated as States start passing laws for recreactional use of marijuana.

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I live in a small area, same problem here.....employers cannot find enough peope to work because of drug use.  I don't understand what the pleasure is in doing drugs.

I have a nephew who is bright, great personality, jail for drugs, we are just sick about it!

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@CrazyDaisy wrote:

About right, and will only get more complicated as States start passing laws for recreactional use of marijuana.

I agree..................................and some of the lame reasons the doc's give those marijuana prescriptions out are ridiculous.................i think many of the states will regret that legalized ruling....but of course at this point it is too late.....won't be able to go back and change it...

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So I guess this means we will be increasing the food stamp rolls etc., since these folks can't get jobs.  Can't let their children starve.

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Marijuana is the evil drug. What does it do exactly?

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From what I understand marijuana used under a doctor's instructions for some medical conditions is very beneficial for a patient's pain and well being.  I have no direct knowledge of any of this having not known anyone who used this for that purpose.


I do realize that drug usage of all kinds --- prescribed and recreational --- has really gotten to be a huge problem.  


I don't really think that making drugs more readily available is the answer.  Some people use discretion, education and judgment in their drug use, while others don't seem to use any control.  


Unfortunately, it is not just the person who abuses a drug that suffers, but all those involved with the person.  



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My employer find about 10% can't pass the drug test.  That's pretty good considering.  

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Let's not forget the good that marijuana does for those with glaucoma, cancer, and many brain diseases.  

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It is almost a "tale of two cities" with some wearing wrist devices to monitor heart and sleep and number of steps, having surgery to improve body shape, spending hundreds of dollars to try the latest wrinkle defense...and then those who do nothing but harm themselves and society by taking drugs and smoking.  Those in the second group no doubt raise health coverage costs and unemployment.  You have to wonder how far a country can grow when so many are determined to ruin their lives.