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Re: People & Telephone Etiquette, Oy.

@annabellethecat wrote:

I even turned off my answer machine.  It rings and rings (probably 5 times) and finally stops.


Sometimes I'll click over....wait about 1 to 2 seconds and click off.  Drives my daughter crazy when she stays here (like now).


She picks it up and answers.  It's almost all political now.


It's just wasted money to keep the home phone but I've had it for almost 50 years.  I hate to delete it.


During 9/11 my land line always worked.  Most people I knew who only had cell phones had trouble getting thru, especially since we are a few miles from the Pentagon.


My friends and I old foggies are the few who still have land lines.


For exactly that reason, I still have a landline and probably always will.  During 9/11, it was all we had.  And there have been other times too (blackouts, big hurricanes, etc) when cell phones were useless and only landlines still worked.  I know a couple who live in a very remote area, and were trapped inside their home during and after Hurricane Sandy.  Without a landline, they would have had no way to call for help.  And my son was stranded during a blackout when there was no cell reception, but we were able to communicate because of landlines.


So if having a landline makes me an old fogey, then so be it!