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Re: People Who Call at Last Minute to Invite You Out

I like to plan things out ahead of time too, so I see your point.

However there are times when I make exceptions.

One example; Last Summer my old friend (who now lives in California) was in the area on a short trip for a wedding. She called me and of course I got together with her before she flew home, because I hadn't seen her in 7 years. We had a great time visiting!

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Re: People Who Call at Last Minute to Invite You Out

There are times when last minute invites turn out to be the best times. Have a college friend end up having a lay over at the airport. Last minute invite to dinner was a great evening. We had a chance to catch up with each others.

Basically comes down to if you want (or can) accept any invitation weather it is last minute or weeks in advance. Not sure why anyone would look poorly on someone who extended a "last minute" invitation. Many people just do not make many long range plans, particularly if children/family are in the mix. I know many people who will say "call me that morning to see how things are going". They do not make plans that they may not be able to keep.

I would never discard an invitation simply because it was last minute nor would I speak poorly of anyone who thought enough of me to extend the invitation.

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Re: People Who Call at Last Minute to Invite You Out

It's just as easy to say no as to say yes to a spur of the minute invitation.

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Re: People Who Call at Last Minute to Invite You Out

On 12/29/2014 DARING GREATLY said:
On 12/29/2014 Danky said: You seem to have a history (and present) of people so desperate for your companionship that they are constantly, obsessively calling your home......whether it be a neighbor or an acquaintance . You must be great company.

I'm not sure about "great" company. You read my post in Among Friends recently. That was a different situation. My neighbor lady calls me all the time because I help her and have been there for her when her own kids fail to be. She now is expecting me to take care of her since her own kids are never there for her. It's because I was caring and she is now taking advantage of me.

This situation with the last minute invite is different. I find the behavior odd. I find someone who is so desperate to get together after all this time might have some ulterior motive. Who knows. This is someone who hasn't answered an e-mail in 2 months, who only gives me her work e-mail, so it's hard to communicate with her most of the time, and never calls me to chat. I do not know her that well. I find the continuous calls bordering on obnoxious and irritating. People with any sense would leave one or maybe 2 messages and if they didn't hear back figure the person is not home or unavailable. Why the constant barrage of calls all day? She's in town visiting her elderly father, yet she's spending time trying to track me down all day. I appreciate the invite, but enough already! I wasn't home. And then the calls where she just hangs up without leaving a message were just plain annoying and a waste of her time, if I'm not there, I'm not there!

If she doesn't want to call again, that's her choice. But, if she bases not calling me again on not being able to go out or even not being home to answer her calls, that's even more odd. I own a Tracfone that I only use for emergencies and never give out that number. She was calling non-stop on my land line. When I got home and found all those caller ID messages, it was very strange.

I appreciate everyone's response and opinions.

Many people do odd things, that's life. If you let something like this bother you, a real problem will seem insurmountable.

If you like her, see her. If not, don't, it's really that simple.

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Re: People Who Call at Last Minute to Invite You Out

My sister still works and I don't bother her at all on Sunday. She can relax and not have to be bothered. Nothing much goes on, but I want to give her nap or reading time, or whatever. She deserves a "day of rest" as do many other working people. Not that much goes on anymore so no big deal. But if we're all going out to dinner, we plan ahead on when, where and what time. That's fair.

Noel's post is spot on too. I agree.

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Re: People Who Call at Last Minute to Invite You Out

I turned 53 a couple of days ago on Christmas Eve, about the time I turned 40 my new favorite word is NO. I also learned at that time not to answer my door unless I just feel like it. (no matter who may be knocking) I have earned the right to have my time when I want it.

I can understand if someone drives into town from one of the outlying areas to run an errand and calls to see about a dinner invite or what not, since they are so close by. But I do not say yes to anything just because I was asked, last minute or a month from now.

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Re: People Who Call at Last Minute to Invite You Out

I like spare of the moment plans! On Saturday, I texted a friend and her husband at 11:30am and asked if they wanted to come over and go out to lunch in a town an hour away. My husband drove, we all went out for lunch, did a little shopping, came back to our town went to a coffee joint and got home around 6:30pm. It was great!

It makes my day if I'm home and I get a call from a friend asking to meet them for lunch or shopping.

It's funny how different we all are! Ha!

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Re: People Who Call at Last Minute to Invite You Out

If you didn't even know her very well, I would suspect she had other plans that fell through and she was just trying to fill up her day . . . you would have had no idea how many others she called before she called you. I'm glad you turned her down.

A relative or close friend? Different story.

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Re: People Who Call at Last Minute to Invite You Out

Whatever you decided was correct for you. You decided to decline so that was right for you.....don't over think your decision.