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I just wanted to let everyone know Paul Deazy is on Evine now..Not as a host,but as a jewelry represenative..So good to see him again..Always enjoyed him when he was on QVC...Oh,and don't forget to turn the clocks ahead tonight !!

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Re: Paul Deazy / Evine LIVE !!

I don't know why....but I liked watching him so much better when he was on the Q...and not so much on Evine.....

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Re: Paul Deazy / Evine LIVE !!

This is not news; he's been there several years.
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Re: Paul Deazy / Evine LIVE !!

Paul Deasy has had a line of jewelry called The Gem Insider on the network (ShopNBC/ShopHQ/Evine Live for almost five years. His wife and former QVC host Judy Crowell has her own line too on there called JOYA.