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Happy belated Birthday Paul. Love most of your music. We are close to the same age "son"! 🎂




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@SloopJohnB wrote:

@catter70   🎵 Oh please, stay by me, Diana 🎵

@SloopJohnB  Oh my how well I remember Diana, I was 15 yrs old and fell in love with Paul Anka!

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Well, I didn't "remember" that song, so I just listened to on YT. I almost wish that I hadn't. I have a hard enough time just listening the songs of my youth, so this was a double whammy.

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Paul Anka is also a great songwriter too.


I also loved his later work like "Times of Your Life" and "I Believe There's Nothing Stronger Than Our Love," and "Having My Baby."  


He has been around a long time and brought a lot of joy to many people.


Happy 80th Paul.  


I feel old!!

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    Feliz Día Paul!!   In high school, his songs were some of my favorites.  And I did get to see him on stage and loved the show!!

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@Jrzgirl wrote:

Not that long ago, but pre-pandemic,, my husband & I attended a Paul Anka concert.

In the row in front of us was a young boy, less than 10.  The woman seated next to him asked if he knew who Paul Anka was & her replied, "Yes, my father."

Paul's son is by his 2nd wife --- and Paul got full custody. It pays to be RICH and Powerful. This is his only son.

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@Witchy Woman wrote:



How, that is the memory you have of him.


This is why I never want to really "know" any "stars" as I don't want to be disappointed.  


I've had similar experiences at concerts when we've purchased a CD, and then the artist sign it for you.  The few times I've stood in line, the artist didn't even look up, so I stopped doing it.


I'd rather have a memory of them from afar than be disappointed by a cranky persona up close Cat LOL

It doesn't bother me -- I always heard that Paul was unfriendly -- and treated his wives badly (a control freak.). Around 1990, I took my aunt to Hawaii - and we went to the Don Ho show. I bought his CD - then we went backstage for him to sign it - and Don was totally DRUNK. This is typical about people in ShowBiz. Growing up I always admired actors/actresses/tv celebrities --- but I've learned that's not who they are. They don't live in reality -- the more money and success they have -- the less they're able to relate to humans.