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Has discovered a way to replace neophrene which is bad for the environment.


Neoprene is good at keeping surfers warm in the water, but producing it is a dirty business. Not only is the material non-renewable, but it's derived from petroleum or limestone, which means it's a product of mining or drilling. In an attempt to make your next session in the green room a bit greener, Patagonia's latest line of wetsuits drops neoprene in favor of natural rubber.


At the core of these new wetsuits is a new plant-based polymer called Yulex. It's derived from Hevea trees, grown on reclaimed land in Guatemala, and Patagonia says it reduces the amount of CO2 emitted in wetsuit manufacture by around 80 percent. Although the new polymer is reasonably resilient on its own, it still needs to be mixed with a "small amount" of synthetic rubber for improved durability and UV resistance.


Patagonia has made sure that their rubber does not come from deforestation and has included a video.