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I feel so sorry for Pat James Dementri. She posted that she lost her GSD Misty after 13 years of having her. I lost my GSD a few years ago. They are such great dogs! My thoughts are with you Pat. Misty looked like a sweetie, and a loyal companion./></p> <p> </p> <p> </p>

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I hope that in time, Pat takes comfort in knowing that she moved heaven and earth to keep Misty comfortable (hydrotherapy for her arthritis) and that Misty lived the life of a most cherished companion.

13 years is remarkable for a German Shepherd and I am so very sorry for Pat's loss.

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I agree! My German Shepherd lived a very short live compared to other breeds. He was protective to a fault. German Shepherd's are such beautiful dogs. That is so sweet that Pat did hydrotherapy for Misty...I'm sure Misty had a great 13 years!!

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I'm so sorry for her loss. I was just having a conversation about the longevity of GSDs with my husband as ours is going to be 5 this year.

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I saw this on FB yesterday and it broke my heart. Pat did everything she could for this dog.

How very sad.

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It is so very hard when our furbabies cross over the Rainbow Bridge, regardless of the situation. Her dog was quite beautiful! I wish Pat and her family peace and comfort in their dear memories of Misty.

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Misty was a member of the sorry Pat! Sending love and hugs to you and your daughter!

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So sorry for Pat and her daughter. So hard to lose a beloved pet.