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Re: Pat and Jayne and Martinis?

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I'm not offended by the (implied) drinking, but I think the "hey we're your BFFs having some girl time" schtick that they are trying to sell is really dumb. That's why they pair people up now. It makes you feel like you are just hanging out with the girls and shopping. I guess it is entertaining for some and keeps them watching.

The one that I thought was kind of phony was presenting Mary Beth and Linda Davies as BFFs when they were hosting the Liz Claiborne shows together.

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Re: Pat and Jayne and Martinis?

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I can’t wait until MJ is legalized in PA so they can pretend to smoke a bowl 




@QueenDanceALot Cannabis is legal in my state and the amount of DUI's   And accidents involving  driving high on weed  has  gone up immensely  Be careful what you wish for...