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Do you have corona virus?



She thinks anyone that wants the test should just be able to go have it done, multiple times if need be...

I'm curious how her test opinions and whether she has the virus have anything to do with the subject of this thread? I must be missing something.



I felt like it was related to the subject of the thread due to the OP saying she/ he did not know when it started and hoped it did by the end of the week.


That made me wonder if she/ he was struggling with the corona virus. I had concern for a person that may have the cotona virus.


The more I thought about it something was strange. I watched the "speech" and heard the person expressit was being sent to senate not that it was approved. It did not sound like it was geared toward the service industry. It was said there would be careful screening and linked to corona virus. The paid sick leave the OP was referencing was for having the corona virus. 


It the OP thinks they need it by the end of the week then I was thinking they must be dealing with corona virus.


The OP's lack of response let me know that it may not be a serious post.



Thank you for posting your question instead of just thinking I was starting something. I think I may be missing something as well! I hope I have cleared up with you my reson for asking.






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No, I don't have the virus.  I don't even have a job.


I am thinking about the greater good.  We must pay attention to the 10% of us who do not have health insurance.  Also, the 40% who live paycheck to paycheck.  The idea of taking care of the least of these is alive and well, as well as oh so practical. 


Yes, we need zillions of tests to track the virus.  It is the best way to know how to contain it.



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Last I heard it got killed in the Senate. Should have negotiated and figured that all out before announcing it.



I heard that as well the next day.



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Re: Paid Sick Leave

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My soon to be ex-employer just sent a four page Employee Partner Coronavirus Protocol.


Good thing this interaction is virtual because I am not allowed to touch you or anyone else now while I am on the clock.    Smiley Surprised  And I am in the hospitality business so the vulcan salute is my new best handshake. 


Actually, I would come to work in saran wrap just to make a statement but I think I'll save it for the last day.


We've got four different scenarios where we can sit home for two weeks as long as we have a doctor's note for $15/hour.  I started coughing and practicing my sloppy handwriting about two hours ago.  Smiley Very Happy


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Just saw Mark Cuban is paying all hourly what they would have earned during the NBA season. 


I also heard a doctor from Cambridge MA say we should have an outbreak of kindness.  I could not agree more.

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Another major issue is having kids home from school for a few weeks.  If their parents are working, who is going to watch them?


It's not like summer time when they have camp or a baby sitter lined up.

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Should campus clothes, administrators, staff and faculty will be paid as if we were on campus. Grateful.  

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