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Your post got deleted but here is my response:
This is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard of. Formula as medication?! Are you kidding me? Formula has come a VERY long way and now the only real difference in between formula and Bmilk is the fat content. Trust me, I did my research.

Also what about moms who CANNOT BF? One of my good friends wanted to. She read all the books while she was pregnant and then went through countless lactation consultants and ened up heartbroken and feeling like she was a failure when her body did not produce enough milk.

IT IS A PERSONAL CHOICE! I chose not to BF for many reasons. 1.) I was not comfortable with it. It freaked me out. 2.) My dh loved feeding time. That was one of the ways that he bonded with our kids who I am to take that from him. 3.) BFing babies eat alot more frequently and i was terrified that I would wake up to feed them and end up rolling on them or dropping them. 4.) Bfing makes it so hard for grandparents or anyone else who wants to spend time with the baby. You cannot be gone too long or either you have a crying hungry baby or an embarassing situation where you soak though your shirt.

Like another poster mentioned, it is a personal choice! NO ONE has the right to make you feel like a lesser mom because you chose to not BF. As long as your baby is healthy and happy that is all that matters.

Sorry to go OT but that really hit a nerve with me. Back to the OP I think it is beyond crazy that nurse would have to do that. Nurses are busy enough especially in labor and delievery. To add this is nothing short of dumb IMHO.