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Woo Hoo, all my holiday packages have arrived !  Lucky for me the Fed Ex pkgs. were passed off to USPS, and THEY know where I live. The pkgs. I sent have also reached their destination, so I can now breathe a sigh of relief. I hope your orders all come on time. 🎄

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Big relief.  I have a few things that will be delivered this week and early next week.  I have my 6 year old niece's gift for I found two other things for her online.  They might arrive after Christmas but that's ok.  If they arrive late, I can give her one for Valentine's Day and one for her birthday, which is in Feburary.  I might do that anyway.  We don't have out of state family, just my husband's parents.  The box with their presents has already been delivered.  

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I ordered 2 pair of leggings from Torrid, as a Christmas gift, for my Aunt.


They just shipped, 7 days, after I placed the order.  Yes they had a good sale going on, which included free shipping. But, 7 days to ship? 

They, I assume will get here in plenty of time.  If they don't, my Aunt would totally understand.  I'm not stressing about it, I'm not even that annoyed. I should have gone into the store and bought them, but, I missed  the in store sale.


It will be fine, but, good reminder, of why I try, very hard, not to shop on line, for Christmas. 

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I don't exchange many Christmas gifts, but they have all arrived and are wrapped.  It's always a relief when that's done.  

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I have some things coming today and tomorrow.  That’s the last few things that are shipping.  


I’m almost done wrapping too!

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I still had quite a few things that needed to be delivered.  I just got a notification from my Ring that someone was at my front door.  I looked at my phone and there was a UPS driver setting a few things on my porch.  She went back to the truck and then another UPS driver in the same truck was shown sprinting through my yard with an armload of packages that he dropped on my porch and sprinted back to his truck and off they went.


It gave me a big laugh for the day seeting that and made me realize these people must have a heck of a schedule right now.