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I have cataracts on my eyes and fortunately they're due to be removed in January or Bedruary. But till then my vision is driving me crazy. I can hardly see to read, watch television and I'm not sure I'm even safe to drive any more. It's like someone spread petroleum jelly all over my glasses: everything is cloudy and blurry. It's really irritating to glance at a book and not be able to focus on the text.


I'm just venting; I know in a few weeks the cataracts will be removed and I actually read the instructions so I know it involves putting drops in your eyes, etc. and it isn't just a matter of laying down and having the doctor scoop out the cataracts. I don't mind; it'll be worth it!


Anyone care to vent along with me and/or sympathize?

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I know exactly what you mean. I am scheduled for one cataract removal in mid- December. I too am tired of looking through what seems like frosted glass and I anticipate a big change. But it's still surgery so there is some apprehension. 

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That must be so frustrating. I’m so sorry. Until you have your surgery, you should try audio books to entertain yourself. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery.

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I had mine removed a few years ago.

Be very careful to follow all directions and do meds and drops exactly as directed. 

The surgery is a snap. I was shocked to see the floral pattern on our sheets with out putting my contacts in.

colors will be bright again and you will be so happy.

In the meantime be cautious with your driving etc.

I had distance lenses  put in so wear readers. 

Enjoy the holidays, you have a treat coming in Jan.



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I had mine done 4.5 years ago. While my vision wasn't as affected as yours is, I sympathize with the feelings.


It will be fine and you'll be so glad to get it done!

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Oh, I completely sympathize with you!  I had both of my eyes done during the summer of 2007 and it also drove my crazy!  I had to use a magnifying glass to try to read anything, but it was so worth it when all was said and done!  I call it God's medical miracle to be able to get my vision back!


Hang in there, it will get better and you will see things brighter, clearer and the world will once again be colorful!  Best of luck to you!!

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@Huge Hannah  I know whereof you are speaking.  Was in the same boat as you and had my first one done in early October.  The difference was amazing, but I still could not read any better.  Asked my surgeon if I could have a strictly reading lens in the other eye and she said that I could.  However she wants me to wear a contact lens for 2 months to see if I tolerate the two different visions going on at the same time.  She said some people absolutely love it, but others hate it. 


So, in a couple of weeks I have an appointment to see the contact lens guys and will see from there.

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I just finished with cataract surgery this fall -  had one eye done years ago and the second in early October.  The choices and the procedure changed even between the years I did my 2 procedures, but both were easy and quick as far as surgery goes -  less pain than having my teeth cleaned!


I still need to wear glasses , but many of my friends are able to do many activites, including driving without them.  I knew before surgery that I'd still need glasses although I didn't realize how much more I' need them to read!


If your experience is anywhere close to mine, the frustration with your sight now is much greater than any pain or inconveneience with the surgery and the need for the medications.  And you're going to love how much brighter and more colorful your world will be!

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I have an appointment with an eye surgeon in 3 weeks.  I can read and all I need to do while the sun is out, but as soon as it gets dark outside I can't see.  Those big green halos are making me crazy.  I can't see well enough to drive at night, so I'm housebound after 6 pm.  Oh, and add some rain at night..... ugh.  I want it fixed.

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That's something I only recently thought of: I'm really near-sighted and I'm wondering if i'll need new glasses aftereard, and a little apprehensive about the cost. The ones I have now have all the bells and whistles: correction for astigmatism, light-sensing -- i.e., they automatically darken in bright sunlight--non-glare, etc. So I'll have to remember to ask about that when I consult the surgery scheduler in about 10 days.