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B-2 stealth bomber fly-over at the USAF Academy Graduation parade earlier today.

Courtesy of KKTV News, Colorado Springs.


May be an image of aircraft

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@SilleeMee  What a great picture. Thank you for sharing!

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Wow! What a photo.

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They used the airfield in Midland, Tx for practice and used to fly over our house very low frequently. 

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Very cool pic @SilleeMee Thx.. We had friends that used to  live in Manitou Springs.  We visited the academy a few times.  The chapel was beautiful.  They live in Cripple Creek now.  Another small town in Colorado that has gone thru a ton of changes over the years.  DW

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Re: Over the Moon

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@SilleeMee Wow! The Academy knows how to plan a memorable graduation. The Thunderbirds followed by a moonlit stealth bomber.  Memorable indeed.

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Re: Over the Moon

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Wow,I have never seen that.  I seem to recall only one prior celebratory flyover of a stealth bomber.  I could be wrong!  I heard yesterday was a rehearsal, maybe they will do another fly over today during the actual graduation.  I took a peek and they will be livestreaming the graduation on you tube starting at 11:30 am.


ETA - Yes I did see a stealth bomber.  Next day post below.

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Thank you for the stealth bomber photo.  When I showed it to DH this AM, he said it brought back the terror he felt that day when he looked up and saw this low flying all-black " thing " overhead.


We saw it again when we were visiting a town celebration up in Hazleton.  Still a scary sight in the heavens !

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Reminds me of a time where I was shopping--it was a grey, gloomy wet, foggy day and there was a very unusual sound like some sort of airplane--I looked up just in time to see the back end of a Stealth disappear high up into the fog---you could hardly hear anything really,  just a sound that was not one I had heard before.. Was pretty darn cool.

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We usually don't hear the Stealth Bombers. They seem to glide high and rather quietly above our community. If I'm on the patio, I might notice the large black object above during the daylight hours. At night I'm prone to hear them with the quieter city traffic.

Imagine the education and training to fly one of those!!  

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