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Re: Over 100 years old and still driving!

I don't think walking is the best option for many older folks.  A fall on the ice or cement can lead to a broken hip and death.  Then you have to be able to carry back the goods from the that's not a good option.  


Using a delivery service is better...or getting a ride from uber there and back.  

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Re: Over 100 years old and still driving!

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I wouldn't assume that he's a dangerous driver because of his age. 
There are a lot of women who give up driving too soon because of age and fear and start depending on others which limits your world and makes one less self reliant. 

I have more problems with 16 year olds on the road which I think is entirely too young. 

My 93 year old female friend gave up her license.  She only drive 2miles t o the th and back.  Now she feels trapped a prisoner In her own home. She says she feels  in jail and wish she never gave it up.


Seems she could ride a bicycle for that distance, safely on sidewalks.

@sidsmom  Many streets have no sidewalks.

Very true.  Once a Senior gives up a car, she has to give up plenty more.  If she doesn't have any family, what is she supposed to do?  You need a car.  Most people live away from stores, etc.  How is she supposed to function without a car?  No wonder most seniors refuse to stop driving.  Even if they take away the licence, she still has the car.  And she will drive it. 

Right there.

Take away the license, keep the car...and still drive.

Why would anyone want to share the road w/ a non-licensed driver?

And how would that be acceptable in any other scenario?

Not having a car is such a 1st World problem.

A car is not a necessity.  
People find alternate ways to make it work.

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Re: Over 100 years old and still driving!


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If there's a will, there's a way.

First of all she is 93, second, she lives in the country on a farm.  There are many no sidewalks on either side of the road.  If she made it to the main road, still no sidewalks.  She walks the length of the farm, but that,s it for her.  She is sorry she gave up her car.  Riding a bicycle is not an option.

The point being, some elderly know when to give up driving, but it does leave them lonely.  Have some compassion.

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Re: Over 100 years old and still driving!

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It's illegal to ride a bike on sidewalks; dangerous to those who are walking on them. They are called sidewalks not siderides.

That's  why I don't ride my bike to work, but could as I live 2 miles away.  It's the traffic.  I tried it and it was scary.  I'm OK once I'm close to the campus, but the interstection of my town is really hairy to cross on a bike.   Last year they (the campus/police) gave us a break by allowing bikers to go opposite of a one way street.  It's a long street that empties in to  the campus.  A few bikers do that, but not me.  Sometimes I walk to work, other times I take the university shuttle.   Which stops 50 feet away from my house. 

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Re: Over 100 years old and still driving!

@Scooby Doo   Your answer is both perfect and priceless, plus I almost lost my coffee all over my screen!🙃