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  • We were gone yesterday.  Today we began staining our patio cover.  We had supervisors...










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I hope your supervisors were happy with your work!!!!  I bet they missed your when you were out!!  I love the deer who are resting in the grass, they look content at their refuge.


By the way your ceiling and fan look so nice, love the wood!

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@MamaWick  Looks like you’ve got a good crew there 😊

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They can't be harsh critics with such sweet faces. 

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Re: Our supervisors

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ahhh they are dears (pun intended)  Mine not so much....

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I'd LOVE to work for that group of Supervisors....I'd DO ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to please them, even work OVERTIME!


How glorious they are, love my lil sweetie Tracy - she seems particullarly engaged!


PS - The work looks beautiful, like solid honey...well done Wicks!

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I think they were more wondering if you had food for them than supervising your project. 😁
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Lol ha ha ... can you send a few to me? .... I promise to feed them well.... I just love them 🥰❤️🥰❤️

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They were probably saying forget the remodeling, where are the snacks?  


Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos...

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I love the photos, too!


So awesome! Heart


My husband and I will be dropping in, any time now for a visit! 


We'll bring the snacks for everyone! Smiley Very Happy Heart