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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

Everyone wants to get on with their normal life. Everyone wants to return to work,school.

But before we send people out there we need to have testing for Covid-19 so that people don't go spreading. We also need to do antibody testing. All this needs to be done on a massive scale. Not state by state. This is what the Federal government is for. If only we do small amount of people and only certain states do it,be prepared for a second wave of the virus to come back and when it returns it probably will be deadlier then it has been. 
I love my mother and sister and I rather be in poverty then not have them in my life. All the money in the world won't make me happy if they are not in my life because I wanted to rush to normal life.

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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

Testing, testing, testing - it just kills me every time from the white house on down the line, governors, mayors, state officials - I don't care which they are - why they are talking about with plans in hand thinking all is good and it's okay to put worker bees back out there WITHOUT tests in hand FIRST.


Does someone have all these necessary tests ready to distribute throughout the entire country prior to beginning kaotic normalcy again????


Take a queue from those in China and Japan who thought they too were ready to open it all up again. They immediately came down with hundreds of cases again.


This country is no more ready to begin again than any other country. Some states haven't even hit their apex yet. What's the big rush?


Personally, I believe it's all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

I wish our date would get extended because this scares me.  Ours won't I don't think but wish it would because this is FAR from OVER.


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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

@bandaidinmysalad wrote:

The fear is so ingrained in most people I believe that even when we (me and my husband) say that we want to get out again and see people go back to work, the fear does not leave us not for one second and that is a huge thing, a huge pyschological stumbling block.  How does one get over the fear.  Eventually, the country will reopen.  But, how do you get over the fear?  

It pays to keep things in perspective. We are a country of 320 plus million people. As of this moment, a total of 676,676 in the US have been infected. Many of them have recovered and are no longer infectious. In terms of percentage that's just about 0.21% of the population that's been infected. In other words, about one of every five hundred people have been infected. Of those, probably half have recovered and are no longer infectious. That would put the odds of you even meeting someone who was infectious at one in a thousand. How often do you bump into a thousand people?


Even if you bump into someone who's infectious, what are the odds you'll get coronavirus? Not very high. The worst-case scenarios had each infected person infecting one to 2.2 people per day. If each infected person infected just one other person a day and those people each infected one other person each day, the whole world would have been infected in 34-35 days. So, for the numbers of infected to be as low as they are, each infected person is infecting way fewer than one person a day. What are the odds you'd bump into a person and be the one person they'd infect? Not very high. You can lessen those odds even more by wearing a mask, washing your hands and following basic safety procedures.


Even if you bump into an infected person and get infected, the odds of recovery are around 96%. In this country, the percentage of the population that's died from coronavirus at this moment is 0.01%. That's not a very big number. 


So to put the fear into perspective, the odds of you even meeting someone who's currently infectious is probably around one in a thousand. The odds of that person infecting you are pretty darn remote. And even in the worst-case and all of that happens you still have a 96% chance of recovery. Those are pretty darn good numbers.


Use the numbers and your common sense to reassure yourself. Take precautions but trust that you'll be okay. The reality is we're all more passengers in life than drivers. Whatever happens to us is largely out of our control. We like to think we have control over our lives, but in truth, we're mostly along for the ride. You can do absolutely everything right and have an out of control car run you down.


There are theoretical physicists who will tell you that time is nonlinear and even though we experience it in a linear fashion, it's nonlinear and everything that has ever happened and will ever happen took place in the blink of an eye after the big bang. According to them, we're just experiencing it now, but it was all set in stone, way back then. It's as if we're all characters in a movie on film and what we see as now, is just the frames of the film that capture our life, but we can't change what's on the film. It's all been locked in from long before we ever existed.


If you buy into that belief, then you getting infected or not is out of your control and whatever will happen was decided eons ago. Just do the basics to keep yourself safe and understand that it's highly unlikely you'll get the virus. Even if you get the virus, it's highly unlikely you'll die from it as the vast majority recover. Don't let the fear control you. Control the fear instead. The numbers really aren't that bad when you keep them in perspective.


Now, watch the negative Nellies rush in and say, "But we don't have enough testing to truly know how bad things are! We need more testing!" The numbers we have are the numbers we have. You can't let 'what could be' control you. Even if all of the numbers were doubled or tripled the odds of you meeting someone with the virus and getting infected are still very remote. Control what you can control and accept that there are some things you have no control over and go on with life. There's always going to be something out there that will kill you. No one lives forever. Just live your life while you can and trust in God, fate, yourself, to keep you safe. 

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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

I live in a state that is not very affected.  I believe states should have the right to decide when they slowly reopen. 40% of ALL US cases are in New York and 1/3 third of total US deaths are also from that state. If you live there than of course your opinion is different. 


While this virus is scary, we also have to keep the perspective of total risk.  No one seems to consider the number of deaths that are happening right now not due to Covid but due to not being able to receive regular healthcare.  I think of cardiac patients who can't get a procedure because hospitals are closed down to "non essential" surgeries.  I think of people waiting to get a biopsy who will end up dying of cancer because their diagnosis was too late. I also think of the many suicides that are happening right now because millions are losing everything and have no hope.


Keeping our country closed will destroy many more people than the virus ever could.  We have to keep a balanced perspective.

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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

@Carmie wrote:

I am a homebody and enjoy my own company.  I am comfortable being alone for long periods of time. ( as long as I have the internet). I am not bothered by being at home and really hate it when I have to go out for groceries.


I do think it is important for businesses to start opening with restrictions a little at a time.


Places like amusement parks, theaters, sports stadiums where a large number of people gather, need to be closed a while longer. There should also be restrictions on traveling for a while.


We are going to have to take some chances to get back to work. Our country isn't gonna survive long unless we do.  Even SS payments are going to dry up if SS taxes are not being collected from working Americans.



You are very lucky that you are content to stay inside for extended periods of time.  I find it depressing.  I can't believe that some states have extended the "stay at home" order until the end of June????  I would be suicidal by then--LOL!!!


However, I completely agree with you about taking chances and opening up the economy gradually.  The financial, not to mention the emotional and psychological effects of this "shutdown" may be potentially devastating.

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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

Ours has been extended to 8 am on May 26th. If it helps keep us safe I can deal with it. I'm afraid that all places will be a zoo when things reopen. That is what I am dreading.

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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

@gardenman Your post addresses the me, me, me and not the thee, thee, thee.  I don't feel I have the right to endanger the lives of the health care workers.

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Re: Our State's Stay at Home Date is Extended

I've stayed away from the virus threads because of too much judging and finger pointing going on by some posters, but have to say that I agree 100% with Gardenman. Some common sense among everything else. 

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