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Re: Ordered June 11 and RECEIVED IT June 15

@Styleovertrend : Congratulations on your fast shipping!


I usually don't have issues with shipping, just with the ungodly amount of time it takes to get to me after it is shipped. I ordered the Women With Control TSV on 6/8. It was shipped pretty quickly from QVC, but it has been sitting in a UPS distribution center in Avnel, NJ since Friday. If they actually load it on a truck today, it will take a couple of days to get to Buffalo and then another who-knows-how-long before USPS does its thing and finally gets it to me. It's almost worth paying extra for shipping and having UPS deliver the package. I know all the shipping companies and the post office are innundated with shipments so I've decided not to order anything until their backlogs are cleared up as brick-and-mortar stores start to reopen.