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Most of California is under an oppressive heat wave.


Sacramento is supposed to get to 110°.



I am sure that others are affected by the heat too.



This on top of being in a drought.




Remember to check on your neighbors, the elderly, and to take it easy. Drink plenty of water. Nothing with caffeine or alcohol, as that dehydrates you.


Also, walk your dogs in the morning or evening when it's cooler. If it's too hot for you to go bare foot, it's too hot for bare paws. We don't want any burnt paws!



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Re: Oppressive Heat Wave

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That's better than the recent (unheard of )118 degrees we had here, though still hot and uncomfortable.  Yet there are those that deny global warming exists.  

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We had 100° today and the same for tomorrow but Monday is to be 87°and the rains return next week so it will be cooler all week. 

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Here I am in the hot Sacramento valley, 110 here today. I have a fan going plus air set to 78 degrees as requested by local utilities. I am still hot. And QVC is trying to sell me sweatshirts, long sleeves, sweaters and cardigans. NOOOO WAY!

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Re: Oppressive Heat Wave

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So far we've escaped the heat here at the beach in SoCal, which is a good thing since we and most people here do not have A/C. We do have several ceiling fans which do help at night if it's hot.


Edited to remind my fellow Californians that we should try to conserve our water by 15 percent.

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California ladies, I just bought a personal A/C for myself, it's amazing. I was still waking up hot with the central air, ceiling fan on and a oscillating fan on my side of the bed 🤦🏼‍♀️so needed to keep me a happy wife 😁
Check Amazon $34 my DH fills it with ice than adds water. I got the one that has the reservoir on the top. You'll Thank me ☺️
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It's not even 5:30 in the morning and it's already 93 in the Phoenix area. Just another fun day in paradise. At least we don't have to shovel sunshine but I do wish we would get rain. Come on Halloween.

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I am so sorry for the oppressive heat wave.  Our temps will be in the 80's next week which is not normal for our neck of the woods.

It is almost as though our region and yours has just flipped and exchanged places.


Please stay hydrated-symptoms of dehydration can be overlooked very easily.


@Anonymous032819   Good suggestions.  These weather patterns are so off the mark I am concerned some will not have experience with such heat.



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I am in the PNW and the heat has moved on for the time being.  It is 78 degrees here at  5:30 pm.  

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I'm in Oxnard (southern Calif) - and the high today was 76 degrees - high humidity. We get those great breezers off the ocean and I don't have air conditioning - and it's been very comfortable for me and my little lhasa. Please send some RAIN this way - we're very dry. I feel bad for all those suffering from the HEAT. Stay hydrated, stay indoors and keep ur pets cool and safe.