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Re: Opinions...truth or kissing tush?

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@SahmIam  I NEVER give my true opinion if I think it's going to hurt someone's feelings..Especially if it is something important to them.  What good would that do?   Especially when the person asking for your opinion thinks enough of you to ask for it.  


Now, if it's something mundane, say, something like "Do you like this china pattern", of course I will give my honest opinion.  They aren't likely to take that as a personal offense.   


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Re: Opinions...truth or kissing tush?

@SahmIam  My son has a channel on Twitch and on YouTube and if you don't like the feed back people give you you are not being realistic. My son actually has mods. on the Twitch channel because people can really be ridiculous with questions and comments that take up time and are not productive. I think if you put yourself out there you should expect all kind of scrutiny, everyone has an opinion and you take the positive with the negative. Just remember when you put yourself out there in the public eye you are wanting something and you may not get what you are expecting.


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Re: Opinions...truth or kissing tush?

  Yes, I agree and believe that just because some stated that truth is the best option, this does not infer belligerence and moreover if asked for details would have described that truth is to be couched in kindness.  This is obvious and not necessary to state, but clearly some felt it was important to include how they would present their truth.  Overwhelmingly our posters are kind and considerate, so most likely didn't feel it was necessary to include this detail. I doubt it was considered a badge of honor.