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Re: Opinions on Ring doorbells, please

I would encourage you to look at how your porch area is configured.  All the commercials show a "flat" front porch.  I would not be able to use a Ring, for instance, because my doorbell is on the side next to a stucco column and actually faces the side of my neighbors house.  Most people ring my doorbell then take a step back, out of sight.  That puts them about 4 feet in front of my door.  


I have a camera at the corner roof so it covers my front porch and front yard.  As for how a delivery person can put a package down without appearing on camera?  Most cameras need to identify motion for 2-4 seconds (depending on brand) before the camera starts recording.  You would be surprised how quickly they can deliver, take a picture verifying delivery and get out of camera range.  Sometimes I only get a picture of the person walking down my driveway back to his truck.


There are many security camera options out there so look around for what would work best for you

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Re: Opinions on Ring doorbells, please

I got one last Christmas but have never installed it.  In order to use it, your cell must be your constant companion and I'm just not that attached to mine.  It pretty much just stays in my purse.  By the way, I got just the doorbell at Amazon along with an Amazon DOT for $99.

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Re: Opinions on Ring doorbells, please

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Re: Opinions on Ring doorbells, please

LOVE MINE! I have the one that replaces your peephole in the door. You simply remove the peephole and put the ring in. No wiring, just charge the battery, I did it all by myself. We live in a so-so neighborhood and get a lot of package deliveries. It's great to let us know when someone comes up,to the door. We have a ring camera in the back too, but it's the camera with a solar panel. The only thing is if your doorbell needs to be re-wired or if it's not straight out from the door, you won't get a good video. It won't stop crime, the criminals just wear hoodies or hats and masks here but you can know who comes to your door and that your package is there before the porch pirates get it.

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