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My daughter had her braces removed January 2020.  She had a permanent retainers put's basically a single wire on the back of her top and bottom rows of teeth.  She also has a removable retainer she wears at night.  Took her to the dentist today and they said the permanent retainer is loose.  Does anyone have experience with or knowing someone who has a permanent retainer?  To be honest, when she had her braces removed I thought that would be the end of it (except for the removable retainer).  I had no idea she was going to have or in need of this permanent one.  

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I have 3 daughters who all wore braces.  The youngest actually wore them for 5 years (the girl had crooked teeth).  


The first two had the bar put on the back of their teeth, for some reason the youngest one didn't.  Eventually the bar on the bottom of the front teeth was taken off by the regular dentist.


Meanwhile, it seemed almost overnight, the youngest daughter has one tooth that is totally sticking out.  It's only noticeable at times, but it bothers her.  


I keep telling her she can use those braces that can't be seen, but I guess it doesn't bother her enough.  It looks like there isn't room for it, but what do I know.  She's 40 and I'm not with her when she goes to the dentist.


All my girls have beautiful straight (otherwise) pure white teeth.


I've never met anyone who has a bar on the top of the teeth.  My advice is to google it and see what the ratio is of people who've had top and bottom bars put on their teeth.


I think if you've trusted the  orthodontist so far why would you question him now?  Maybe he knows how easily they move.  I don't know but I think you need to discuss this with both the dentist and the orthodontist.

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I also have a permanent wire behind my back teeth.  I've had it for probably 35 years.  It has never come loose but my friend who also had braces hers has come loose several times - her periodontist is a bit rough when cleaning her teeth. She goes back to the ortho to have it reglued.

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Re: Opinions...Please

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@ScrapHappy  I work for a dental insurance company.


I see claims for re-cementing permanant retainers, and replacement of removable retainers.  I didn't know people use both.


I would think the permanant retainer would hold the teeth in place better than the removable.  Especailly if the removable is not of hard material (like a partial)


I have wear nighttime retainers (after Invisalin) they are soft and stretch out.  I get scanned for new retainers when I need replacements.



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I’ve had mine for about 15 years and it’s never gotten lose. 

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My grandson and granddaughter both had their braces removed recently. Neither of them has any kind of bar behind their teeth. They have removeable retainers which they wear at night. 

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My sister had a metal piece behind her lower front teeth. It caused decay there. DH has one and food gets trapped there all the time. He complains about being unable to clean it.


I have regular retainers at night. I would never let them put a metal piece on my teeth permanently.

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@ScrapHappy  All of my sons have those (the youngest is now in braces and will have them as well). They prevent the teeth from shifting. I wish I had one; wasn't the norm back when I had braces and ALL my lower teeth have shifted in the front.


Call your ortho and tell him/her. They should fix it without charge (based on the contract you signed, of course).

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@ScrapHappy   I had braces as an adult. It hurt like like he*l moving teeth that were implanted in the bone so long. Anway, I did have permanent retainers. The ortho judges whether the teeth will have a tendency to move forward or backwards and I assume that decides the placement of the retainers. 


I now have removable, softer retainers than cover the surfaces of the top and bottom teeth that prevent any grinding or clinching the teeth.  

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@scraphappy If it's what the orthodontist recommends then stay with it.  Both of my kids had braces and my daughter had removable retainers and no longer has a need for them.  My son, on the other hand, still has a permanent retainer on his lowers because one tooth has a tendency to keep turning out of line.  Movement of teeth is natural due to chewing, grinding when sleeping and other oral habits.   It's a fortune for the treatment so worth it to be vigilant with retainers.  For those who are getting decay you have to cleanse the area extremely well to remove all plaque!!


BTW, my kids had braces in middle school they are now in their mid thirties.