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I too think an open house is your best bet.  Looking at photos online is fine, but it is not the same as BEING in the house, even if it has been remodeled.  If it has been flipped to the extent that it is a completely different home than the one you remember, well then you will always have your memories and consider case closed.  Your curiosity will be fulfilled.


I would like to venture back to my family home someday and see what it's like.  On one hand I only want to remember it as it was then, it will always be the home I remember when I'm old and forgetful, but there is that curiosity of who is there now and what have they done to the place.  I hope you get to go inside and see.  Cat Happy

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I would put the address in on Zillow...many times you can see quite a few 

pictures of the interior....also ,   keep your eye out for an Open could also call the agent .....and ask if there are any plans for an Open the point you could explain why you have an interest in that particular never know unless you ask.... i'm thinking some people would be sympathetic and understanding of your request.....

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I agree with many here, I would look on the internet for interior shots (which helped us find our current home) or see if there is an open house.


Funny story (40 years later), my childhood home was a 100+ y.o. farmhouse on acreage my parents sold when I was 16.  Maybe 6 months later drove to my best friend's house across the street and we went somewhere.


Returned to find my house was demolished in those few hours to build a Dairy Queen. 


Never did enjoy DQ after that. Woman Wink

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Re: Opinions, Please

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NO no no.  Don't mess with your good memories of the past.  It would hurt you now to see what's become of what you remember.  You can never go home again.  Keep it precious in your memories.


In today's world, I wouldn't let a stranger in my home.

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@coffee drinker wrote:

Just to reiterate -- it would not be my intention to waste the realtor's time being a lookie-loo.  If I did call, I would be 100% honest with her.  If she didn't want to bother showing me, it would be OK.  I have seen the internet pics, but just wanted to see the house in person. 


I'd ask to see it. My SIL sells real estate and has had requests like yours. She considers it good public relations, so if you do get to go through the house, thank them and say something like you'll remember his/her name in the event you'd ever be in the market to buy or sell.

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If it's a flip there are usually open houses. 


Keep checking the on-line listing to see when there might be one.  I'm sure a real estate agent isn't going to want to waste their time for nostalgic reasons.

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Since the house is for sale, call the agent for a showing.  I'd leave out the not interested in buying part.


I would never approach anyone about seeing their house if it were not for sale.

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@coffee drinker Pull it up on zillow, hopefully they took pics to post. And so what if you make an appt to go through it, it wouldn't be a waste of time but I'd not say it was your old house - I'd just not mention that.


Hope you like the changes!

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Personally I would never ask anyone to show me the house out of curiosity. We live in times where people are guarded. I don't want a stranger knocking on my door ,asking for a tour ,no matter what reason they give me

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@coffee drinker wrote:

Out of curiosity, I rode by the house I lived in as a kid -- almost 60 years ago.  It was for sale.  Checked it on-line and it appears someone is flipping it.  At the time the house was very small and it still is, but things have been done to update.  I don't want to waste anyone's time, but would love to call the real estate agent, tell her my story and that I do not have any intentions to purchase, but would love to see what's been done. What would you do?   

@coffee drinker  ... I say go for it !!!!! ... if you don’t you will always say “I should have” .... do it, do it, do it!!!!!!