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Opinions: Philosophy, PTR, Dr. Denese

Hello ladies, I went a little crazy with some skin treatments and kits from the Q and was wondering about what some of you thought about what I bought. I really like hearing from people who actually use the products. I also got my first Clarasonic but I have read lots of reviews about that so what I am wondering about would be: philosophy exfoliating wash, purity one step facial cleanser, hope in a jar original moisturizer and intense retexturizing moisturizer, and when hope is not enough facial firming serum. From denese I got resurface and glow face wash, advanced firming pads, and firma tone retinal maximum firming serum. The I got that PTR starter intro kit that was just on a couple days ago for like 19.00 or so, had a cleanser and some pads and a weird little red gel and a couple other things (I don't have it yet). I got theses mostly for cleansing because I am always interested in good cleansers but I figured what does it hurt to try firming solutions and such before the fact. Anyway, any comments are much appreciated; thank you all in advance! Oh, my skin is oily and I have no issues with dryness or lines, or wrinkles and the like -- I think maybe the oiliness might help with that but I really do not have sensitive skin.