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Re: Opinions On Kansas City Steaks

First, I would never buy meat or seafood from Q. You can usually find promo codes for the actual sites and get it for less.

Second, I prefer Omaha Steaks. They have a 50% off sale going but do require a $99 or $129 or $159 minimum for free shipping.

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Re: Opinions On Kansas City Steaks

I don't care for either one of them. I tried both over the years but have since gone to organic meat only in our diets. Kansas City states their steaks are grass fed cows but I found them to have a lot of fat and toughness to them. Same with Omaha and "grass fed" doesn't necessarily mean "organically raised". Not sure if they claim that or not but I just get my meat at a local organic butcher shop. I trust it much more. Though I have purchased Curtis Stone organic ribeye steaks in the past and those were probably the best "frozen" brand I have had.

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Re: Opinions On Kansas City Steaks

Since I live in Lincoln, my vote is for Omaha steaks! Nebraska raised beef is the best you'll find. What's wrong with 6 or 8 ounce steaks? For most people, that's the perfect dinner size.

I agree with a previous poster that the potatoes (or veggies), desserts, and any extras are simply fillers. Don't waste your money on them. Spend on the Nebraska beef, pork or chicken for best bang for your dollars if you must order frozen foods.

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Re: Opinions On Kansas City Steaks

I was on auto-delivery for years with Kansas City Steaks (gift from my Mother). They were sirlion steaks and steak tips. Over the years, especially the last year, the size of everything shrunk incredibly. Taste is so-so. I would not serve to guests. The tips were very fatty. Towards the end, my husband would use the meat to chop up real fine when he made his chilli. I think $187 is expensive. I recently ordered Omaha steaks. The Ideal Gift includes: 2 bacon wrapped filet mignons, 2 butchers cut top sirlions, 4 boneless chicken breats, 4 omana steak burgers, 4 gourmet jumbo franks, 4 individual scalloped potatoes (these are awesome!), 4 caramel apple tartles, 1 jar steak seasoning, * FREE Omaha steak burgers for special intro price of $99.99 Ordered and my gift recipients received all within 4 days.