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Like @Pook , while I appreciate the vaccination and how quickly it was produced, I wish we had a cure too.  Ya know, a pill or cocktail a person could get when Covid symptoms appear.  A cure that would make the virus just go away or not be severe.   No overflowing hospitals.  No crowded morgues.


Oh wait!  We have that cure, but only the very rich and privileged can get it.  

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@elated wrote:

I was doing research and nearly 2.4 million people die each year in the U.S. Nearly 45,000 die in road accidents. Homicides, drunk driving and poisoning kill 17,000 people a year. These are disturbing facts and this does not minimize what is happening in our country but we need some perspective. It is strange we have no deaths from the flu. I am just trying to say we have to realize many people who have succumbed to Covid may have had underlying causes. I think life goes on and sorrow is part of it.


Everyone will have a pre-existing condition if they live long enough. Those with conditions who died of covid could have lived longer. It was covid that killed them.



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@suzyQ3 wrote:

I fear that people have become inured to the stats and don't make that empathetic leap to pictures then as individuals, human beings.


And what is up with someone posting something that sounds very much like a minimizing of the numbers by comparing it to another pandemic?

@suzyQ3   I did not read her post as minimizing the numbers.  She stated that we have become better with understanding viruses.  It is a fact that medical research and possible cures/vaccines have improved tremendously.


Nobody here is denying the deaths and while the stats are certainly sobering it doesn't mean that we cannot have some hope.  Empathy and hope are not exclusive of each other.


I think it would be nicer if we can agree that had the researchers not had the tools we have today, we would still be looking for at least a vaccine, somthing that was certainly lacking in 1918.


Perhaps if we didn't knee-jerk responses we could see that we are all on the same page.  Sorrow for the losses, hope for the future, and doing the best we can to minimize our risks and the risks of our fellow citizens.


This always happens-one remark taken way out of context and honestly you really do not know what she was thinking or trying to minimize.  It is unfair to assume the worst of another poster.





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