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I have the fear of flying.....but a worse fear of BED BUGS!!!😮 How disgusting!

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Re: One More Reason NOT TO FLY

I don't fly either or have not since 1979. LOL!!!

I don't care for bed bugs either. So far we have not had that problem at any hotels we have stayed at. I'm very careful. I don't want to pick them up & take them where I'm going to visit.

We limit what we take in the room. Just a change of clothes & what we need in the morning.

I'll pass on reading story. LOL!!!

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Re: One More Reason NOT TO FLY

That is absolutely disgusting but with the fast turnarounds of flights these days, I’m not surprised. I used to be an avid flyer...annual trips to Europe, visits to friends and family in Florida and California, but I’ve cut way back. Flying is a huge hassle and I’ve reached the point where I think long and hard before embarking on the dreadfully awful experience flying has become. I’ve never had that bed big experience (at least I don’t think so) but I have been on flights where everything is filthy even before take-off. You do not want to put down that tray unless you’re prepared for a surprise, and being treated like cattle is not my idea of a good time. I haven’t stopped flying entirely but I sure have cut back.

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Re: One More Reason NOT TO FLY


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Re: One More Reason NOT TO FLY

I no longer fly, but I'm thinking that sitting on one or two of those adult underpads (rectangle, XL size) might be beneficial.    At least they would be a barrier.   .......... p.s.  I guess the airlines can't do much about the problem, because if they were to frequently spray using strong chemicals, it wouldn't be too healthy for passengers to inhale, 'either'. 

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Re: One More Reason NOT TO FLY

It’s gross, but it’s not going to stop me from traveling 

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Re: One More Reason NOT TO FLY

Those darn things are everywhere, or so it seems.  Three years ago my husband woke up with bites on his arms.  We didn't know what they were, figured they were from mosquitoes.  The next night he woke up itching with welts again.  Oh boy.  Lifted the mattress, saw nothing - until we looked under the box spring and lo and behold there they were - on the frame!


Called the exterminator and was beyond embarrased.  I keep what I thought was a pretty clean house.  They told me it doesn't matter how clean you are, you can bring them in from anywhere.  Told me they do a steady business fumigating doctor's offices and hospitals.


Anyway, it took 2 treatments to get rid them. $$  Never ever want to go thru that again.  Every week when I change our sheets I lift the mattress and box springs up to make sure they are gone - this even after 3 years.  Told DH when he returns from his doctor appointments to strip outside before coming in.  He did not go for that lol.

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Re: One More Reason NOT TO FLY

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Bed bugs....

Does that come before or after,




-Blood uh...stuff



If you have a moment, just Google anonymous airline attendants stories.

Chances are that seat has a residue of something.


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Re: One More Reason NOT TO FLY

You either fly,or drive if you want to go some place, long trip fly for sure,now bedbugs really gross me out!!

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Re: One More Reason NOT TO FLY

Yes, it's gross but how do you get to where you're going if you don't fly?? I know some people say they haven't flown for years but for others that's just not practical.  Speaking of bed bugs, a local movie theater was just infested.