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My car is a 1990 8 cylinder car that takes 8 quarts of synthetic oil and a special filter. Cost is $125

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I get it done at my dealer.  I use AMSOIL synthetic motor oil and an AMSOIL oil filter.  I pay more.  I believe it's worth the extra cost.


I don't trust any of those so-called quick oil change places.  Have no idea of what products they use or the knowledge/skills/abilities of the people they employ.

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Re: Oil Change for Car

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I take mine to the Kia dealership and it $29.00 for an oil change with synthetic oil. I won't go to Jiffy Lube again. To expensive and I don't feel they have my best interests. I once went in there and they forgot to hook up something too.

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Re: Oil Change for Car

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I find the quick oil change places are always more pricey- it's the convenience of driving in/out. They also try to upsell lots of other fluids, services (filters), etc. I'll only go if I'm really short on time -  I keep the coupons handy just in case! I usually go to my local Pep Boys- I always have coupons! Using them, they send me even more coupons. I just had a synthetic oil change plus needed to change the air filter- it was around $80. My car requires the pricier synthetic oil, but you're good  for another 6,000 (or even 7,000) miles.

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My husband is a mechanic, so I haven't paid for an oil change (except for filter and oil) since the mid 1990's!


But I will say, there can be a world of difference in what different places consider an oil change, what brand and quality of products are being used, what other things they offer in the price, and the knowledge of the staff. 


They type and brand of oil is important, as most have now gone to synthetics, and there is a world of difference in the quality of filters. And a place that just hires uncertified workers to do 'simple' things like oil changes, often don't get it right, don't get the filter on correctly, use the wrong oil (it's important to use the right weight, and they right type you had before or suitable for your engine).


So basically I'm saying a simple oil change isn't really all that simple, and looking for the cheapest place might end up costing much much more in the long run. It's good to learn what your car needs, what brands of products are best, and make sure you are getting that in your service.

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I go to the Nissan dealership where I purchased my car in 1993.  They provide me a free oil/filter change and annual inspection for as long as I own the car.  Its a 40 minute drive, but worth it.

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I take my Toyota to the dealership where I purchased it every 6 months for the recommended maintenance as needed, checkup and an oil change if needed.  I feel dealership charges me for oil changes after the warranty is up.  I feel better taking it there as I know they're all certified.

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My dh changes the oil in all of our vehicles. Always has. 

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Jiffy Lube is quite a bit more expensive than the dealership. There is a Jiffy Lube handy to my office and I can easily be in and out on my lunch break. The dealership is on the other side of town, and it almost always requires leaving it with them or camping out in their waiting room for far longer than it takes to drink a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. I don’t mind paying for that level of convenience.
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Re: Oil Change for Car

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It is always an education with a car.  My oil does not need to be changed for 5,000 miles but I do it at 4,000 to 4,500 to be safe since it's a 2005 Toyota.  Times have changed because when Jiffy Lube first opened everyone was going to them and prices were reasonable and they were reliable.  Now most are independently owned and their prices are too high.


@ID2    I'll be over in 4,000 miles for my oil change.  LOL  At least you know your oil changes are being done right!!

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