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Ohio woman prisoner's bizarre attempt to escape ends badly

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Too many links to this bizarre story to post any here.  They're easy to look up yourself if interested.


A woman trying to escape prison in Ohio fell through a ceiling and landed headfirst into a trash can.


Just use some keyword phrases such as "failed escape attempt by Ohio inmate" or something similar.


Will either make you laugh or shake your head at how strange it must have been.  It didn't turn out well for the woman.


I saw a brief version of the story in today' metro Atlanta newspaper.


She was in prison for kidnapping and robbing an elderly man met at a casino.  She and another person broke into his home later.


The attempted clumsy escape and recapture was caught on camera.

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Re: Ohio woman prisoner's bizarre attempt to escape ends badly

There was nothing funny about her was just plain "dumb"...she must have been on some residual drugs that made her think she could climb through the roof and escape. The other inmates just sat there looking at her as if they were in disbelief LOL. If I had not seen the clip for myself I would not have believed it.