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Re: ~~*Oh Miss Madi!*~~

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I want to take that cat's place under the umbralla, laying on the sand with a cool refreshment, MarLo. 


Watched my only grand last night, my grand dog.  She is a 14 yr old Rat Terrier and a barker, don't like that.  Hurts my ears! Other than that, she is a good sweet girl. Thank goodness Lulu is a quiet girl.


Will be able to mow later today after 2 days of rains.


I miss Brew and her quick sense of humor.  I don't play much either since everything has changed.


Dee, please make a new thread.  Noticed there are only about 3 regulars on chatting.


MK, August 4th will be here soon and to start school seems early. 


Enjoy your Grandkids, Dee, MK, Judy and don't know if you have any MarLo. 


Have a wonderful Sunday to all who visit.