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Ours came on in the middle of the night earlier this week.  It made me sad.  It means winter really is coming.


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I live in a no snow zone, I rarely use heat. If needed, I turn on the gas fireplace for an hour to take a chill off. 

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It is supposed to be 55 here by morning; I am so ready for some cooler weather I don't want the heat to come on; would rather just put on another blanket.  

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raining right now (remnants of ian), laying in bed and it is a cool and comfortable 55 degrees......and i have my windows partially open. LOVE IT!

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Re: Now it Begins

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Here in South Texas its starting to slowly cool down---- mornings are in the upper 50's....and the afternoons in the upper 80's so it wont be until December before there will be a blue norther freezing temperatures at night and we consider turning on a heater....

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I have been looking forward to fall, but I am not looking forward to heating bill's. We do have a wood stove that help's.

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I'm ready. no more paying the mowing man and wondering when he is gonna show up since he never calls.

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I've been out of sandals about a week because of 32 degee mornings.

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I'm putting it off as long as possible, but I'm cold natured so not sure how much longer I can hold off.  I've been sitting around the house with long sleeves and a light jacket on during the day.  Highs are getting up into the high 70's but that doesn't translate to how warm it gets in the house.  

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We have had so many days in September of 100+ degrees, that any break is welcome. 


Tonight the low will be  61 degrees and the cool air feels like heaven.