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Luckily, smart prepared people all have emergency food supplies -- canned chicken, tuna, salmon, beans, soups, mac & cheese, nuts, paper products, cleaning surprise and other shelf stable proteins and other foods like rice, pasta and canned vegetables that were stocked well in advance in case of such an emergency situation.  


If people didn't keep emergency stores prior to the COVID crisis, surely they will when it is finally over.  A valuable lesson will have been learned and that is to the benefit of all concerned.

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I haven't bought/consumed national brand meats/vegetables since I moved 5 years ago. Thank goodness I have so many wonderful local farmers! Heart

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@PA Mom-mom wrote:

SeaMaidenn  We have several large meat processors in our area, and they have been giving out off the record alerts for several days now.(friends in the business)  A shortage of employees. I honestly don't think this is going to last too long. Their employees want to get back to work as soon as they are virus free. I'm not really worried at this point.

@PA Mom-mom 
My concern is having people virus free and working in a safe environment. I do hope the company  is providing workers with the enough proper Protective equipment. 


I would think it is difficult to practice social distanting in a meat processing facility. 

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Was thinking I might go vegan anyway.  When we can go to our garden centers again, I may need to see and read up about planting my own garden.  

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Shopping my freezer.  Now eggs I do have to go out to get.  Check around, lots of really small rural folks are having to throw their eggs out.

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I've avoided anything Smithfield since the sale.

Smithfield used to be a good company.


Too many other sources locally.


And to anyone who thinks canned protein is a better choice, read the label.




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Please correct me if I am wrong, this is one supplier not all of them, when DH shops he buys what ever is fresh eat it that night and freeze the rest. I have a full freezer and we can eat for 2-3 week from it, we also have pasta and beans etc

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I read a few small blurbs about this very thing in the recent week or so---and I decided to order meat from a local farmer for my freezer-----that way I have some and am helping my local farmers around my area, in fact getting my first delivery today---we don't eat alot of meat maybe 1 pound between the 3 of us per dinner---and we go some days with no meat  and then a leftover meal or 2. I can see the grocery shelves being empty over all this too.

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@Spurt @I didn't know that China processed the pork.I won't purchase anything under that label again.

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Those poor workers. That, to me, is the larger story here. Do they have proper PPE and do they get paid time off if they are sick or test positive? That is what we should be concerned about. Expect food shortages across all sectors if the workers are not being taken care of.

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