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Re: Not right-Shipping Costs

I have found the bigger the shipping charge, the longer it takes the order to get here. Go figure.
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Re: Not right-Shipping Costs

Just today I got a package from Amazon with 2 extremely different items.  A jar of cherry preserves (Mrs Bridges from Scotland) and a bobble head!  Both came the next day and shipping was free!   I love you, Aamazon!!!!

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Re: Not right-Shipping Costs

We may all love Amazon, but many of the people who work there do not.  My husband recently talked to a woman who worked there for 8 years.  She was in the office, not even in the warehouse.  She said it was the worst 8 years of her life and she absolutely hated it.  When she left, she had been there longer than like 92% of the people.  The turnover was very high.


I keep hearing stories of people who worked in the warehouse and how horrible it is -- peeing into a bottle, no breaks, being fired by a robot, etc.

I just wonder how long Amazon can keep this up before there is some sort of revolt. 

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