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Will be having dinner with the boy and his wife in a few hours, then home to our own bed late afternoon.  Will not be going by the Alamodome as usual because of the NCAA Women's basketball final.









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Happy Easter!  


Roo and Cricket had a good visit and their friendship sweet and playful.  Thank you for sharing your time with us and introducing Roo!!!!  


Have a safe trip home and I'm sure the deer will welcome your return!!!!

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Cute, cuter and the cutest doggies!

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Looks like you all had a good visit, and have a safe trip home 🏠 

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@MamaWick   Such sweetness!  Roo is certainly going to miss you all once you leave.  How wonderful to have quality time with both pups.  

Woofs to the snuggle pup, Cricket.  Woofs, too, to Roo.  

Thanks for the fantastic pictures and sharing your family with us.