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Just watching the North fire on the highway and the hills 

Hope that no one is in danger.

It is very scary. 

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They were showing cars on fire on the news. Is that the same fire? Scary stuff.

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Yes, it jumped the interstate. I guess it happened too fast to shut down the hwy?
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OP, We have no idea where the North Fire is or where you are????
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Re: North firen

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Hi hennypenny. I watched live video of it online. What a horrible thing to experience. At the time I watched, they said everyone escaped without serious injury. I hope That remains the case. The fire spokesman said the fire is spreading quickly, and they are in for a very long night trying to protect communities. Hoping all in the path of the fire remain safe.
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It's "the" main hwy between LA and Vegas. Every single Friday it's bumper-to-bumper without a fire. The cars and the people in them were sitting ducks. No place for them to go. 20 cars destroyed, 10 more damaged. Truly terrifying video. No injuries (!) smoke can be seen all the way to the ocean. While it's still light they are dropping water and fire retardant.
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Went to dinner and a movie, when we got on the interstate it was jamed to a slow crawl.  We didn't know that a lot of traffic was re-routed due to that fire.  News says the freeway there won't open until later tonight. 

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It's in Southern California. It's what we called the High dessert Area. in the El Cajon Pass. It's a very popular path that people travel on Friday's especially if they are heading to Las Vegas.

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Cajon Pass is North of San Bernardino, Ca - and as a poster stated the main thoroughfare to Vegas from LA. I do not live that far from there and have friends in that area and it is just horrible. Any of you who have not lived through these fires or near them, perhaps cannot quite understand how terrifying they are. I will take an earthquake, hurricane, tornado any day rather than these fires -none of us know know what they will do. And our water is rationed and our lawns are dead and so it goes!!!!!!! We desperately need water - really bad.

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i was alerted to it by my s/o   AND an old poster.....dawnsmom......i could not believe it. stay save those in that area.

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