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Nordstroms sale.

Is anyone as sick of this Nordstroms sale as I am? I never have thought their sale was great except for a few makeup items. I get almost 4 emails a day from them advertising their sale. Just get this sale over with and get some new merchandise and I might come shop.
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Re: Nordstroms sale.

  There isn’t a Nordstrom’s in my immediate area. I don’t drive in the interstate here due to terrible construction, bridges and tunnels.

   A friend and I would go to one after our appointments. It was so nice and had a good restaurant. I liked the sales but I wasn’t there much to shop. 

   It closed recently, probably due to being in a bad location. 

The other one is smaller and again terrible traffic. 

   I like to feel the items and try things on, so I haven’t bought online. In fact I canceled their card since the store closed. Sad!

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Re: Nordstroms sale.

I get that many from Neiman Marcus, NM Last Call, Saks, Saks Off Fifth, Bergdorf, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Macy's, even Walmart and ebay now.


At one time it was only one email daily from each. I think heavy competition is driving the multiple emails.  

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Re: Nordstroms sale.

@Lilypad1  I am signed up for Nordstroms' emails and I received one announcing the Anniversary Sale and maybe 1 or 2 emails after that.  I do not consider that to be bothersome.  I never receive emails on a weekly basis from them.

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Re: Nordstroms sale.

I've been getting lots of emails about the anniversary sale.  At least one a day.

Why is it, when I have a 50/50 guess at something, I'm always 100% wrong?
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Re: Nordstroms sale.

years ago when my kids were little , I would buy lots of stuff for them, but I have aged out of Nords, in general, it's boring for me. 

maybe it's the one here that caters to a staid customer, nothing that's online is ever at the store.  and I really just want to see it now, not order it. 


and yes sick of hearing about the sale



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Re: Nordstroms sale.

Use the "unsubscribe" feature at the top of the email.  Emails from anyone offer this


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Re: Nordstroms sale.

I did well at the sale this year considering I was not impressed with the items in the catalog.  The emails don't both me but you can unsubscribe to them if they bother you. 

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Re: Nordstroms sale.

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Now that I'm aware of how Nordstrom uses YouTubers when it comes to this sale, I've lost all interest in it. I rarely shop at Nordstrom any more as they've turned me off with all of the changes they've made. 


Many years ago, they had a fantastic children's section. Today, it's all girls clothing with a tiny corner dedicated to boys and even then, it's casual play clothing starting at $70. If I want something nice, I go to Lord & Taylor. They also made their infant department tiny (guess girls needed all the room to they'd have more choices) and no longer carry many of the brands they used to carry for decades for infants. 


Same with childrens' shoes; 99% is for girls. 3-4 pairs of sneakers for boys and that's it.