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I guess I am just for not running everything a person says through a test tube.  There are people here from all walks of life.  Some have graduated high school, some college, and some maybe didn't graduate from anything. We all can't be smart in everything.  We are a diverse people from all walks of life.  


My mother was from an upper middle class family.  My dad was from a poor hard working family.  They talked differently.  English was important to my mom.....not as much with my dad.  Knowing how to set a table properly was important to my thought it not so important.  Both of them, I'm sure had to compromise.  They have been married 67 yrs. now but each of them had to let a lot of things go.....I'm sure.  That's what I am trying to say. Just because Mom had more education doesn't mean she knew more about life than Dad.  They each brought something important but in totally different ways.  

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Whenever the conversation includes a "You", 90% of the time the poster is being conversational, rude and/or unkind....and Moderators will code it that way.


Regarding the Starbucks thread, there were 3-4 hens 'pecking' at each other last night...and it started back up this morning.  Moderators need to know when this happens. 


Many upthread are overthinking it by talking about 'our rights' & 'Constitution'....when it's just a "Be Nice To Others" thing.   Either you understand that or you don't.   



I agree that the way we use "you" can be confrontational or accusatory in tone, so it's good to be aware of it.  I wanted to add, though, calling posters "hens" is considered derogatory by some and might not be the way to generate good will or "be nice to others."  No doubt, that's another example of something the moderators might take note of as being insulting or inflammatory in nature to some extent.  The written word can be filled with pitfalls, and what we intend as good humor sometimes comes across as something else.

The term 'hen' is not a derogatory term.


Websters Dictionary defines it:

2.  WOMAN; especially : a fussy middle-aged woman


And yes, many threads are derailed by 'fussy middle-aged women'.  


If said thread gets derailed with rude comments, that's a derogatory term & a whole 'nuther animal.  

 YES, it is, and MOST here would agree that it is.

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Fighting words:




That's a great visual depiction of the "action."

LOL ! And, now I've seen it all ! Woman LOL