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I was in Publix on Thursday and they still have both TP & paper towels; however, they have never gotten back to normal.  The only way I can get Bounty paper towels is to buy a big 6 pack and most of the TP seemed to be the larger 6-roll or bigger packs.  We generally get Charmin in the big packs at Costco, but they had none when we were in there last Saturday.  They had plenty of bamboo TP though.  We went back on Thursday to pick up a couple of things (my husband saw something on sale) and they had gotten a new shipment in although not much of that was left, and it seemed almost every cart I saw had at least one of those large packs of TP in it.  There was one elderly fellow that had 3 of them in his cart.  I don't know if Costco is limiting TP purchases here or not.  


Costco has a whiteboard sign at the entrance to udate on products they don't have in stock.

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Re: No Toilet Paper Again

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We were in Publix this morning and wow, how much paper products do people need?  Shelves were basically empty again- wth?  Thank goodness all we needed were what little bit we needed for Thanksgiving, of which I'll be doing spaghetti and husband wants to put a turkey on the smoker.  


If people would stop being hoarders, there's be enough to go around or at least I think so.  


Stop the insanity!!!!  

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It really depends on where you live. I just got home from the stores.

And here in the Phoenix area, Target, Walmart and Safeway all had toilet paper and paper towels.

Though not the quantities they had last month.


I'm sure part of the shortages are due to snowbirds and others visiting our state this time of year.

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The Paper Chase Is On....Our community is busy with deer hunting and Thanksgiving with part time residents back at their cabins and summer homes.  I saw alot of seasonal folks out in the stores. I normally do not see Louie Vitton handbags and saw a well dressed woman with one in Wal-Mart this early A.M.  LOL.


There were a few four packs of Scott's. TP. Nearly empty. Off brand PTs like Sparkle. I needed Kleenex and only store brand  for plain and packs of lotion infused Puffs.  Not my first choice but it will due.This is Walmart. 


A male friend was told a limit of two  at a local Supermarket and he had to explain one package of the three were paper towels. Duh! 



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The media has been playing these "shortages" up for the past few weeks, at least on my local news stations,  so this is the inevitable result.  BOXED had plenty of options with different brands and sizes until a few days ago: now almost everything is out of stock.


The fear mongering has once again succeeded. 

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If stores are limiting the amount of paper goods you can buy, what prevents one family member from purchasing the limit and then later another member of the same family purchasing another limit?  They would still be hoarding.

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Unless something has changed in the last three days, we're not having any shortages of paper products around here.  I shop at a family owned regional chain and at a Walmart free standing grocery store.  Both have been back to normal as far as paper goods for months now.  

It may be because we avoided the 3rd COVID surge that the rest of the country was dealing with - until last week.  Now our COVID numbers are going up again.  So maybe I'll see paper shortages in the weeks to come.  

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@gidgetgh wrote:

Target by my house at 8 this morning.  

No paper towels at all.  Two 4 packs of Scott toilet paper. A few packs of Vulture brand, 5 maybe.


Empty shelf upon empty shelf.  

That brand name scares me, @gidgetgh. Smiley Tongue

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No problem at my grocery store.  They had TP, paper goods, cleaning supplies, etc.  Fully stocked.  I guess folks are starting to stock up again.  I got in and got out fast.

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Went to Walmart this moring and no paper or cleaning supplies at all.  Last week the shelves were fully stocked. I don't need it but had to pass it to get some cat food. Also there was not a turkey in sight. Lots last week. I feel bad because I saw a few families looking for a turkey and they were gone.


I just don't understand it and it really gets to me. I am in Georgia and as far as I know our Govornor has no plans to shut us down again so I just don't get it.