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Attempted to place an online order today.  Watched the video of the on air presentation.  It offered 4 easy pay.  Never a mention of only being offered to Q Card holders.  When I went to check out, I did not see the box for 4 easy pay.  I figured it would show up after I hit complete transaction.  It did not and I had already been billed almost 400.00.  I've always been told that they don't debit your account til the item(s) ship.  I immediately called and talked to the rep. about it and she assured me that my account would not be charged anything.  And, that order did not ship within 30 seconds. I've been shopping at QVC for several years now, as I am disabled and I've always gotten good customer service, no complaints til this year.  There are other complaints. The rep. put me through to someone higher up and she was very rude.  I was told that they cannot refund my money for 5 business days and I would have to take that up with my bank.  They just canceled the order, but it was up to me to get my bank to credit my account.  The gentleman at my bank called them and tried to get them to refund the money.  Now, they say they can refund the money, but it will take approx. 5 business days.  That would be Christmas day.  Bank not open that day, so it would be Monday, after Christmas, at the earliest. Shopping not done.  Made my account go negative, therefore, I cannot finish my Christmas shopping.  As I said, I am on disability and I am now unable to get my much needed prescriptions, food, or anything else for that matter.  On another incident, not long ago, they refunded my money to my account, right that minute, but today, they can't do that?!  She didn't care, either.  I"m going to send back all these boxes that haven't even been opened, get my refund, and I will NEVER shop with QVC, EVER AGAIN!  Be very careful, as the online ordering is very misleading and once you've ordered, good luck getting your money back.  I give QVC an overall rating of zero stars and a big, fat F!!!!!!!

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I feel the same way.  Watch your statement carefully as they have a tendency to credit you for your return and then charge you again for that same item on your account and yes that goes into your bill and then when you don't pay that (why should you as you have already been credited) they plop a hefty interest charge on your next statement.

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Is this on a debit or credit purchase? I don't even have a debit card, and don't know if Q accepts payment from debit accounts or not, but I'd never purchase online with debit. I'm sure lots of people do, but too easy to have something like this happen and be out money while things are cleared up.


It is odd that your first post here is about this, but if it is accurate, I'm sorry your money is tied up at this time.

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Re: No More QVC FOR ME!

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If I order I use a credit card, I would never give them my bank info. 

If they can auto-debit your account in seconds, why can't they credit it?

Can you just pay a fee to stop payment like you do with a check?

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It seems YOU made some assumptions that were incorrect ( that the item was still on easy pay despite that it was only on EP on the video where they clearly tell you that it may not still apply and that it wou;ld somehow majically appear to be on EP once you hit the submit button). I'm sorry , but that was pretty presumtuous of you both times. I don't get why the bank and QVC can't get your account refunded but  if you seriously have to have that $400 to live on and buy medicine as you stated it was pretty foolish of you to do what you did. It's not my business but if I were that short of cash i would not be buying  a $400 Christmas gift for anyone - EP or no, it doesn't seem you could afford that.

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My husband who is in the computer software business and works with big corporations said to never ever, ever use your debit card for online shopping.  I know that doesn't help you now, but I've had my credit card stolen every year and I know it's from online shopping,  if it were my debit card, it would be awhile before I saw the money.  

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I can't really comment on this unfortunate situation, however I do think that they play too many games with easy pay.  Just for Q card or just for so many hours or for the day etc. I can

see how this could be confusing.  They used to offer it once in awhile, now it's almost all of

the time.

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Honored contributor.  That's not nice to kick her while she is down, it's none of your business what she buys. 

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If you have been shopping with the Q. for a long time...then you should know how the e-z pay never shows up after you complete the order....its always before...thats when you should have stopped the order and called c.s......and you would know they take the money out of your account right away to make sure its there...then it drops off your account within a few days...


Unless your typing on an i-pad.....paragraphs would be helpful for reading your post....

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Debit cards process differently than credit cards.  A hold is put on the funds.  How else could the q ensure there is money to pay for the purchase.  It's best to use a charge card if funds are tight.