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So my grandchild is overnight with me tonite. Last time we went to the store, she wanted lunch from chik-fil-a.  She got the kids nugget chicken meal and in it came a really great little game called tabletopics.  It includes a case with about 15 cards with conversation starters on what was your favorite game as a kid, stuff like that. Each person takes a turn and talks about the topic. Her and I played it tonite and it turned into about a half hour of conversation on just that one game.  Kudos to chik-fil-a for encouraging the art of talking and sharing.  

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@bmorechick.  These are available in many subject in greater quanity for adults.  We like to use them while still at the table after dinner.  Lots of fun.  Chick fil A just borrowed the idea.

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My dad passed away in June, two weeks after getting diagnosed with stomach cancer. On Fathers Day our large family all spent the day with dad ( 5 children,14 grandchildren and most of the 8 great grandchildren) . We had a book called What a Grandfather wants his grandchildren to know. Well we sat around my dad while my niece asked my dad many questions ,page by page from that book. What a blessing and gift that was to all of us. We learned so much that we didn't know, laughed, joked, cried and had a wonderful 2 1/2 hours with my dad. We all cherish our memories from our last Fathers Day together. That book help initiate conversation about many aspects of my dads life and definitely helped us all savor that day as a great memory!  Em

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Love this little treat, what fun (and certainly better than the menu!).